JP Jain // Vice Chairman

Mr. J.P. Jain, born in a village Kandela of Uttar Pradesh is a well renowned & recognized personality today both in the Construction Industry & Jain Samaj.

In 1975, Mr. Jain started his career with the construction business & now owns a mega business enterprise by the name of "J.S.P. CONSTRUCTIONS" which is in the field of Mechanical, Civil & Electrical Construction involving designing, erection, testing & commissioning of various multi crore infrastructure projects.

With his technical expertise & experience of more than three decades, Mr. Jain introduced various ideas in infrastructure industry which are highly productive to the basic interest of the society itself & the economy in general.

However, the central issue is not the economy alone for him. He is very actively involved with Jain Samaj and various other social organizations in Delhi & NCR Region. He has the long term plans in which he wants to distribute the real knowledge of Vedas & our ancient Rishis (Hermits) for the welfare of Human Society.

With this dream Mr. Jain is actively involved in education field & he is also the president of SSD Jain Public School, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. Recognizing the importance of science for a civilized society, Mr. Jain has a dream to impart the world class education to students at Graduate & Post Graduate level in REMTech.


Mr. Jain is the Chief Patron of Jain Samaj organizations such as:

  • Shri Digamber Jain Tirth Sourbhanchal, Gannore, Haryana
  • SSD Jain Public School, Ghaziabad
  • Jain Milan, Ghaziabad
  • Jain Milan Siddhartha, Ghaziabad
  • Shri Digamber Jain Tirth Shetra Kampil Je, Farukabad, U.P.
  • Shri Parshavnath Jain Sewasamiti (Nirbalodhar), Ghaziabad
  • Shri Push Giritirth, Sonkach, Distt. Dewas, M.P.
  • Rashtriya Parbal Pursharthi Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bhartiya Propkari Mahasangh

Gaurav Tayal, CS (2008-12)

During the course of my studies, my teachers taught me to think empirically my approach has become very practical and logical when it comes to solving any problem.

Lakshmi Tyagi, MBA (2010-12)

Being a girl and belonging to a city like saharanpur i never imagined that i would have a serious professional career. My college, my expericnces ignighted the fire in me.

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