Naman Jain // Vice Secretary


Mr. Naman Jain, Joint Secretary pursued his professional studies in Mechanical & Electronics Engineering from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland and is presently pursuing M.Tech. He did his schooling from Pathways World School, Gurgaon. During his academic life, he was actively involved with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He had also been associated with the organization known as Engineers without Borders where Engineering students apply their knowledge and skills in initiating various projects to serve the society. He was part of the team that established a water transportation and purification system for a community of 500 people in Honduras, Central America.

He feels educational institutions have a responsibility not only towards its own students, but also towards the entire student fraternity. With this thinking, he established the ‘REMTech Social Welfare Cell’ that undertakes various workshops like ‘Latest teaching tools in 10+2 schools’, ‘Advances in physics, chemistry & mathematics’ and ‘UP State Entrance Exam Workshop’ for the principals, teachers & students of local area.With these efforts, he aims to uplift the overall quality of education of District Shamli and surrounding areas.

Belonging from a technical background, Mr. Jain envisions REMTians to become world-class technocrats. According to him colleges have to act as a bridge between the industry and students. Along with the academics, colleges have to understand the need of the industry and prepare the students accordingly for them to be successful in their forthcoming professional life. He works with an aim to provide a conducive environment for both faculty and students of REMTech to achieve this goal.

Gaurav Tayal, CS (2008-12)

During the course of my studies, my teachers taught me to think empirically my approach has become very practical and logical when it comes to solving any problem.

Lakshmi Tyagi, MBA (2010-12)

Being a girl and belonging to a city like saharanpur i never imagined that i would have a serious professional career. My college, my expericnces ignighted the fire in me.

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