Pankaj Jain // Trustee

Mr. Pankaj Jain is a well qualified Engineer who has over 15 years of experience in design, development, erection & testing of electrical substations. He did his schooling from Delhi Public School Ghaziabad. Mr. Pankaj Jain – a technocrat from Pune University has an excellent track record of mapping out engineering processes & designs to meet the client's requirements.

During his technical studies, Mr. Jain was not only a meritorious student but was also an active member of various Associations at the engineering level. He was appointed as Secretary of EESA, Electrical Engineering Student's Association, PVG's College of Engineering and Technology, Pune. Independently, with his efforts Mr. Jain established the electrical division of "J.S.P. Constructions" & today carries an on time completion record of more 100 multi crore projects to his credit.

Mr. Jain knows that science has played a dominant role by getting into the depth of the causes of behavior of different species on earth including the man himself. Hence for a comfortable life, stability & peace, science has to play a pivotal role. According to Mr. Jain work & Scientific knowledge has performed wonders in the past & shall produce greater wonders in the times to come. With this philosophy in mind Mr. Jain shouldered the responsibility of establishing a world class premiere institute - REMTech, for developing scientific minds having best brains in the world.


Gaurav Tayal, CS (2008-12)

During the course of my studies, my teachers taught me to think empirically my approach has become very practical and logical when it comes to solving any problem.

Lakshmi Tyagi, MBA (2010-12)

Being a girl and belonging to a city like saharanpur i never imagined that i would have a serious professional career. My college, my expericnces ignighted the fire in me.

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